Getting "Tie-d" up with a Tie-Hat

I firmly believe in recycling.  My grandmother once told me that we go through cycles in life and what was once old will be new again.  We especially see that in clothing fashions.  Will we see the return of hot pants?  No, but if you see the shorts girls are now wearing, looks like they are making a comeback.  I don't recycle like that.  Instead I look for an item that probably won't get used again and make something of it.  Here of are some pictures of what I've done with my husband's ties, since he rarely wears them anymore.  Let me know if you have any questions.

High quality silk tie...a power tie for businessmen.

Sewn into a flower with a few embellishments and now it's a hat!

How about a Mickey tie...we can do a number of themes...

Here's a cluster of hats made from ties...


  1. Hey I love recycling and DIYs too. I watch YouTube tutorials on recycling old stuff and found them really interesting. Loved how u created a flower from an old tie. Good job

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