Pincushions today are typically made in China and consists of sawdust, cotton, foam, sand, and even dirt.  No reason some of the packaging they come in have a label "Do Not Leave or Store Pins or Needles in this Pincushion."  We at Mina's Treasures use the same material doctor's use to sharpen their scalpels and swordsmen centuries ago used to sharpen their blades, the original emery.  True emery is a rock that is found in only four places on the earth, including here in the USA.  It is not hazardous and lasts several lifetimes. 

Combined with Victorian style cloth material and a collectible container, a pincushion from Mina's Treasures make a wonderful gift or makes an old family heirloom into a useful and decorative addition to a home.  Below are some of the pincushion now available at Mina's Treasures:

This porcelain boot is now a useful treasure.  Give it as a gift or use it for yourself.